Craig Vasquez

CEO & Founder

Craig is very talented programmer with great developing skills. He joined our team in 2012 and quickly became one of our best employees and devoted team member. Edwin has good got good education and he never stops developing his professional skills to provide you with the best products. He has achived good results in software developing and now we’re widely using his ideas.

Computer system analysis is like child-rearing; you can do grievous damage, but you cannot ensure success.Tom Demarco

Craig made a great impact to utilizing advanced development and programming techniques to design new software and applications. He also worked on creating all new interface to enable automation of new and existing processes. While working on Wapuula Edwin enhanced all plugins and aadded more functionality and different useful features to the theme. With such employee as Craig we are sure our products will always correspond to any clients demand and be totally top-notch.

Areas of expertise

  1. Review system capabilities
  2. Developing software products
  3. Analyzing business requirement